Liberal Misunderstanding

August 4, 2012

The last two weeks have been interesting.  I awoke on Friday morning fired up and ready to attend a TEA Party  Patriots Local Coordinator Conference in Denver.  The first headline I  found as I prepared breakfast was about the Aurora shooting.  Proceeding along with the 4 hour road trip, I next heard that ABC News had announced that the shooter was an Aurora TEA Party member.   During the next hour it was announced that the TEA Party was not the shooter, but, he was getting so many calls that he had to disconnect his phone.  By the time we reached the conference, it was on the internet that the mistakenly identified TEA Party member was receiving death threats.  I also learned that Jenny Beth Martin (one of the TPP National Coordinators) had spent a good portion of the morning talking with media.  Somewhere in this mess it was announced that the identification was in error, but ‘Oh well.  We did our job to the best of our ability.’

We then settled down to the job at hand.  Over the next couple of days, we heard several alternatives to ObamaCareTAX, if we can get it repealed.  We heard about the Penny Plan to balance the budget relatively painlessly.  We heard Congressman Jim Jordan’s take on what is needed in Washington.  We heard about outreach that is going on with Blacks, Hispanics and American youth.  We heard from Sonny Johnson of Politichicks.  We were honored to sit down with and talk with the author of the book,  Frederick Douglass Republicans, K. Carl Smith. We learned of the Rocky Mountain TEA Party Patriots from a young man who is extremely active in the TEA.  But the highlight of the event was a viewing of the marvelous documentary Runaway Slave with C. L. Bryant.  Two of the interviewees in the movie were present at our event.  We networked with about 100 local coordinators from 28 states from Maine to Hawaii and with most of our national coordinators.  It was an AWESOME weekend.

Wednesday the 25th we were on the road again, this time to Colorado Springs.  About 1:30 PM we cut through several parking lots to get easy access for a left turn onto Garden of the Gods Road.  In one lot we noticed several traffic cones and people wearing the neon mesh traffics guiding traffic on the lot.  We noticed that it was a Chick-Fil-A.  We looked at each other like, “Wonder what’s up with that.”  Later that evening after returning home, we found out.

We learned that the President of CFA in an interview on a Christian network had expressed his deeply held Christian belief that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.  Immediately liberals throughout the land expressed extreme outrage.  Keep in mind that the supreme leader of liberals (President Obama) routinely calls for ‘civil’ discourse in our political discussions.  The words ‘racist’  ‘hater’ and “bigot,” among unprintable others spewed from liberal mouths at every opportunity.  The mayors of Chicago, Boston and San Francisco all announced that CFA was not welcome in their cities.   The Washington DC mayor called it “hate chicken.”  Many others that were unprintable were also made.

Former Arkansas Governor Huckabee called for a CFA “Appreciation Day” on Wednesday, August 1.  From all reports the day was a great success.  CFA announced record sales for the day.  Some stores reportedly ran out of food.  Very long lines inside the stores and at the drive-thru lanes were seen all over the country.  The large crowds were handled efficiently with courtesy and professionalism by CFA staff.

The liberal response was again that of hate and loathing for CFA and its supporters.  This show of support was a despicable act by all these bigots, racists and haters to support this “hateful” company against a misunderstood class of individuals who simply want to be married and spend their lives together.

In my opinion this protest was much more than that.  This protest was a response to how every-day, working class, conservative Americans have been treated by liberals for more than 3 decades.  Any time any of us express our religious values or our desire to follow Biblical teachings, we are immediately denigrated.  We are called homophobes, haters, zealots, bigots and racists for the simplest expression of our love of God.  Wednesday, August 1st was simply our expression that we will not give up our God given First Amendment rights to speak and worship freely simply because we believe in God.

A large component of this protest was likely evangelical Christians.  They should carry this fired up attitude through to the November elections.  Thirty to fifty per cent of these church going citizens are not even registered to vote.  If they truly value their First Amendment rights, they should make sure they are registered in time to vote in the November elections.  Then they should VOTE in a manner that does not conflict with what they learn from the Bible.

Alan Stump–




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