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February 28, 2013

I first met Lana Fore-Warkocz at a Christmas party for those associated with The Constitutionalist Today.  When that paper was first published by Lana and her staff, I was approached to distribute the paper in the southeast Colorado area.  The first month I wondered if we could find homes for even 100 copies.  Within 4-5 months a network was established from Fowler, CO to Boise City, OK that required 2500-3000 copies of the paper.   Many people were disappointed when publication ceased after about 15 issues.  I know I was nearly heartbroken.

The staff that Lana put together did an excellent job of writing excellent articles every month that showed the strengths of those who fought for and supported the Constitution.  Others in the group showed why that marvelously inspired document written by the Founding Fathers in 1787 was the answer to America’s current problems.

People that knew and worked with Lana were always quick to tell of her dedication to her paper.  They told of her spending 16-18 hrs a day not only tending to publisher duties but going out to get one more advertiser to ensure the paper would go out.

Lana is a people person.  She is always friendly and out going.  But when she decides a job needs doing, she dedicates herself to do what it takes to get it done.

Many “Republicans” are saying that the party needs to become democrat lite.  We should go after minority voters by telling them or giving them everything they want.  Essentially we should buy their vote, much as the democrats do.  We should put candidates on the ballot that empathize with the minority voter.  However, every day I see more and more minority groups that are espousing the principles of  the Constitution and the free enterprise system.  They are helping others to wake up to the atrocities that big government brings  to their communities.  Hopefully, they can aid their non-minority compatriots to awaken also.

These same “Republicans” say that we should support the killing of over a million babies every year in order to make ourselves more likeable to the independents.  Our platform mentions God 10 times.  Can we invoke the name of God and kill these babies in good conscience?

Yesterday S. E. Cupp advised CPAC that she would not attend the event until the Log Cabin Republicans are given a seat at the table.  And hot off the press–100 Republican figures, including Clint Eastwood, have sent a letter to the US Supreme Court requesting that they embrace same sex marriage in their upcoming rulings on that subject..

They say we should compromise on our gun rights because those who don’t own guns will “feel” safer and we will look more reasonable.   Is this what we want the next time a deranged murder opens fire in a “gun free” zone where friends and family happen to be and we were forced to leave our weapon in the car outside?  None of these feel good laws will prevent the next tragedy.  They will only lessen the odds that a law abiding citizen employing his God given right to protect himself and others (a sheep dog) will be there to protect the innocent (sheep) from the killer(s) (wolves).

These are only some of the recommendations that are being made by fellow “Republicans” that violate planks of the Republican platform.  Additionally, these are the same “Republicans” who think that our next candidate should be the one who has put in his time in the party.  We have done that consistently since 1988 and what have we gotten because of it?  At what point do we stop compromising our principles in order to win?  How do we choose which principles that it is OK to compromise?

Lana is the candidate for secretary who will not compromise her principles.  She will support the principle of the party as defined by the planks of our platform.  She will work tirelessly to ensure that future candidates are those that will work for the citizens of these United States; that they  understand that they are working for us, and that We the People are not working for them.


Written by Alan Stump. I was born and raised in central Kansas. Attended Kansas University during the time of the Viet Nam War protests and graduated from Kansas State University (degree in Construction Science, definitely not in journalism). Have worked in construction and retail. For the last 25 years I have been involved in law enforcement and corrections (always was able to go home at night, in case you are wondering). Can not remember a time when I was a liberal. Currently on disability and am busier than ever.

Married to a wonderful woman (former nurse). We have two children, Wesley (currently an instructor at Great Lakes Naval Training Center) and Miranda (laboratory scientist in Colorado Springs). Proud grandparents of 5. Hoping that we don’t force them to pay for this generations excesses.

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