Giron and Democracy

June 28, 2013

 During the recently ended (thankfully) Colorado legislative session those legislators with a (D) following their names rammed through several bills that were seriously deleterious to Coloradans’ gun rights.

 Coloradans who understood the seriousness of these events initiated recall attempts on four legislators. Two of these petitions have been filed with the Secretary of State and the required number of signatures have been affirmed on both. Senator Morse (CO Senate President) is apparently appealing the wording of the petition in a last ditch effort to avoid the process.

Senator Giron began her campaign against recall in early June by saying that democracy in our republic is racist. Here premise is that the only reason for her recall is that she is a “Latina” in a position of power. However two Democrat “Latinos” voted against one or more of the bills. “Latina” Clarice Navarro voted against all of the gun bills. None of these three have subjected to recall action.

Is it possible that the recall is strictly due to her votes to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens? I sincerely believe that this is “We the People” exercising another of our Constitutional rights, the right to petition our government for redress of grievances.

The people guiding the petition drive were very efficient at it. When I first compared the number of signatures on the Giron petition with those of the Morse petition, I was worried that there were not enough signatures collected. However, the petitioners collecting signatures for the Giron recall checked each signer with the Secretary of State’s website. The signatures were then verified as they appeared on the voter registration rolls. If there were any issues involving the signer or his signature they were corrected immediately. The final results of the SOS’s verification process were as follows:

Petition verification summary

Total number of qualified signature lines 13,466

Total number of entries rejected (invalid) 818

Total number of entries accepted (valid) 12,648

Number of valid signatures required 11,285

Only slightly more than 6% were lost in the process. The petition passed handily.  Pending appeal by the Giron supporters, the recall is on.

One other issue that I would like to point out to Senator Giron is that she wrong to talk about “democracy” in our governmental process. We are a “representative/constitutional republic.” Were that not so we would need Senator Giron even less than we do now. We elect representatives to our legislative bodies to represent our views and support laws that support our Constitutions (state and federal), not to vote their consciences as determined by the Democrat party line.

 I hope that the recall process will etch this into your memory, should you decide to run again.


Written by Alan Stump.

Born and raised in central Kansas. Attended Kansas University during the time of the Viet Nam War protests and graduated from Kansas State University (degree in Construction Science, definitely not in journalism). Have worked in construction and retail. For the last 25 years I have been involved in law enforcement and corrections (always was able to go home at night, in case you are wondering). Can not remember a time when I was a liberal. Currently on disability and am busier than ever.

Married to a wonderful woman (former nurse). We have two children, Wesley (currently at Great Lakes Naval Training Center) and Miranda (laboratory scientist in Colorado Springs). Proud grandparents of 5. Hoping that we don’t force them to pay for this generation’s excesses.



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