August 15, 2012

We are less than 12 weeks away from the most important Presidential election in our lifetimes. We need your help to ensure that we are able to put this country on the path it should have never left. Our goals are to promote constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market solutions to our country’s current financial problems.


We were able to begin to accomplish this in 2010. Through the hard work and involvement of the TEA Party members, we were able to gain control of the House of Representatives. Because of this we have been able to keep the Senate from passing bills that would have increased spending immensely and promoted the failed policies of the past four years. This year we have been successful in defeating several establishment Republicans in the primaries. We should be able to further our successes in the general election.


The Founding Fathers never intended for legislation to pass effortlessly through Congress. The Senate was to be a very deliberative body and think things through thoroughly prior to passing a bill. That is why for the first 150 years of our history Senators were chosen by their state legislatures. Senators were charged with working for the best interests of the citizens of their individual states. Until the 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913, the system worked well. Now Senators are relegated to determining how a bill affects the citizens of the Nation as a whole. However, what works well for a large population state does not necessarily work well for a small population state and vice-versa. This is seldom considered in today’s legislation.


Do we want the more populous states always determining the way things will be?


We need to get legislators elected who will vote according to how they believe the Founding Fathers would want them to vote. We don’t need legislators voting according to how many votes a bill will buy them in the next election. This applies to all levels of government, not just the federal level and to both Democrat and Republican candidates.


We as voters must also vote according to what the Founding Fathers intended.


Do you realize that 30 to 50% of evangelical Christians are not registered to vote. By not registering and voting they are “spitting” on their Christian values. They absolutely need to register and vote according to these values they purport to live by. These are the same values the Founding Fathers used to write the Declaration of Independence, design the Constitution and establish the United States of America.


Our Country needs your help. In the next 12 weeks Our Country needs patriotic American citizens like yourselves to inform and educate their fellow citizens of the advantages of following the mission statement of groups like the TEA Patriots. Our Country needs you to get involved in the process. Our Country needs people making phone calls and knocking on doors to inform voters about the issues. Our Country needs people to write letters to the editor, write and send op-eds to local papers, design and build voter guides, check voter rolls for possible sources of voter fraud and conduct voter registration drives.


If you need help in becoming familiar with how you can participate in this process here are some resources you can use.


Each of these groups below can connect you with like minded citizens who can assist you in getting involved.






Other informative sites can be found at:









These are just a few of the sites I use to stay abreast of the issues that are important in the upcoming election. Hopefully they will help you to stay informed and enable you to inform and educate your friends and neighbors also.


Alan Stump




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